Daily Archives: February 22, 2018

My demo update…

So, as promised, my director had one of the Post Production gentlemen call me to chat about my demos.  He asked about the comments that were made and things like that.  We chatted and he said the commercial demo would go back to the cutting floor and I should have it back in a few days.  The narration demo was another story.  Apparently I should have known just a few months into training that I was supposed to ask for a certain kind of script.  Of course, at that point, I had no idea anything like that existed. 😦  He ACTUALLY suggested I record and produce MY OWN corporate narration/e-learning demo!  Yeah, just my USB mic and I in a ‘non studio’ environment.  I think that would hurt me more than the demo I have!  Now I’m just waiting for the commercial demo to come back in.  *sigh*

Everything I have read/watched/learned has had a few things in common. NEVER produce your own demo was very high on the list!  It’s gonna take some serious time to get the money together to get another couple of demos done after the chunk of change I put down for these.  I hope the commercial demo is salvageable.  This has already put a hiatus on my plans to purchase a new audio chain, so it will sit in my Amazon cart for good while now before I can get it.

All in all, it’s ok.  I learned something from it.  ONWARD to the next obstacle to climb!!