Daily Archives: February 24, 2018

The new demo

As I have said previously about my demos, the narration can’t really have anything done with it.  It would have to be re-recorded.  I did get the commercial one back today but I started listening to it and it was so loud it was distorted.  I had to yank the buds out of my ears because it hurt my ears!  I pulled it into Audacity to look at it and it stayed way up in the red all the way through.  I wrote the gentleman back and told him as much and I thought it was time to start talking about a refund for the price of the demos.  Once I got it down to a manageable level that wouldn’t blow my eardrums, I do like the music selection better.  *sigh* I’m not looking forward to this fight at all.  I’ve made a copy of it so I can play with it and maybe get it down to a manageable level for volume, once I find the right tutorial for how to do it.