Daily Archives: March 1, 2018

Step one completed

It’s been a horribly harrowing day at the day job. It’s been a horrible day for house selling, too.  My buyers pushed back the closing date AGAIN….we’re coming up on 50 days now.  I’ve had enough.  I signed the paperwork to extend one last time until this Friday and if we don’t have a rock solid closing date within 7 business days of then, I’m taking the $1250 earnest money, putting it in my pocket and putting the house back on the market.

After all of this, I came home to a box sitting on my bed.  My brand-spankin’ new AT2035 mic.  I also found in the paper where Harbor Freight has their Pelican style cases with pic-n-pac foam inside on sale for $30.  It looks just big enough to be a great case for my mic and it’s accessories.  I was excited about the mic, of course, but I can’t do anything with it until my interface arrives.  I apparently made a very bad decision on my first mic because no matter how quiet it is in the house and outside, there is a nasty hiss I can’t seem to get rid of.  We’ll see how much better this one is than the old one.  I’m ready to get started but can’t do anything…yet.

Of course, right now the neighbor is running his truck with the radio on at full blast with no one in it or even outside to listen to it.  The dishwasher is running, the fan on the oven hood is going, Dad is playing the Xbox, my son is super talkative (as usual 🙂 ) and my other neighbor has his music up much too loud on the other side of me, not to mention the kids playing outside.  Screaming is always part of the playing.  So I don’t see me recording ANYTHING tonight on EITHER mic.  *le sigh*

That’s all OK though.  When things are really bad, the only way left to go is up!  That means tomorrow will be a better day and I’m looking forward to it!  So I’ll fill out the registration for my mic and then turn on my own Xbox and go kick Dad’s a$$ in Call of Duty for a few hours.  🙂

Catch ya’ next time!