Daily Archives: March 26, 2018

Another day, another….several dollars

Well, there is finally good news!  I closed on my house last week!  I am officially homeless!  Well, homeless in the sense that I no longer own a home of my own.  I am living with family for now, but now that my house is sold, I am doing the job hunting thing in the area of my intended destination in the beautiful state of Florida.  At the VERY least, I have something to tell potential employers.  It’s difficult to speak to a potential employer and they say “Sure, you sound like a great fit, when are you going to be moving?”  and you answer with “Well, I don’t really know yet, I’m waiting on my house to sell.”  Yeah, that pretty much closes any conversation about a job right then and there.  Now I don’t have to do that.  I have something definite to hold on to, to share.  I like that.

Beyond that, I have started coaching again.  It isn’t cheap, but I think this is going to be much better coaching.  This coach isn’t blowing smoke up my ass and if I do a reading that was bad, he tells me, he doesn’t sugar coat it.  He’s polite, but he makes sure I understand that my last read was NOT up to par.  He isn’t pushing me to sign up for some P2P site I can’t afford.  He doesn’t want me making new demos because I’m not ready to do it.  No, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it WAS what I NEEDED to hear.  I respect this man and, although I am paying for training AGAIN, I understand this was my mistake and that I can’t expect anyone to fix it for me for free.  I’m taking advantage of discounted specials and free education as much as I can.  I hear problems with my reads and I’m working on them.

I resent my mistake, not the man that’s helping fix it.  It’s sometimes hard to swallow ‘I made a stupid mistake,’ but I have swallowed that pill and now I’m moving forward.  begrudgingly, but forward. 🙂

So…the house is sold and I am looking for a job in my intended new state, I have a thousand other decisions to make….and I don’t really like any of them, but that changes nothing.  Do I pay the car off so I am completely out of debt and can put more money away for both my training and my move or do I just keep making payments and let it all play out and hope I don’t get screwed over?  Do I (not now of course) quit my job and go to Florida alone to find a job and then have the rest of the family follow me once I have a job?  So many things…..so many potential pitfalls.  I don’t want to swallow another bitter pill.

So, off we go with everything doing the one thing I actually DO want everything to do…..move forward.

Take the wins where you can get them.

Have a great week everyone!