Daily Archives: April 11, 2018

I am biased…

Yes, you saw that right, I am biased.  I am biased against things that are monthly/annual fee.  I hear so many Voice Artists talk about this service or that and I start counting up what it sounds like folks are paying for.   $20/month for a CRM, $30/month for a DAW, $10/month for this or $15/month for that.  Ads, email campaigns, post boosters, the list goes on.  Then there are the fees for the groups, a few HUNDRED a year, I’ve seen some that are based on what you make and some that are in the THOUSANDS. It sounds like there are many VOs out there that are putting out hundreds of dollars a month on subscriptions!  If you add all that up, it really looks like you’re cheating yourself.  Now I’m not saying that some of those services aren’t worth it, I’m sure some of them are invaluable, like CRMs.  Seeing as how I’m still new to all this, I just can’t believe there are THAT many required things every month or even every year!  I spoke to one Voice Artist that said they figured it up and they pay almost 20K a year in fees alone!  Yeah, when you make six figures maybe that’s not a big deal, but even if I made EIGHT figures, why would I give up 20K if I didn’t have to?  I’m working on finding things I can use that don’t cost me to use monthly.  Why this move to gouge the user by taking money every month instead of an outright purchase?  I seems excessive to me.  Does is make me a cheapskate? Maybe.  But I’m ok with that.  For now, still opting for items I can purchase outright, not ‘rent’ for a fee every month.

Ok, done with my rant.  🙂