Daily Archives: April 27, 2018

I hate migraines

I’ve been a little quiet lately, things have been…hectic.  I’m also on the third day of a migraine and sitting at my local VA clinic to be seen.  Just my luck, one of the gentlemen at the front desk to check people in talks incredibly loud, as if he hearing problems, and even the earplugs I’m wearing are only mildly dulling the booming sound of his voice, it’s painful.  I can’t hear anyone else talking so I know it’s just him being that loud.

As for VO, coaching, coaching, coaching.  My coach has been good to me.  He tells me when the read sucks and when it doesn’t.  That’s more than my last coach did.

I’m still looking for a job in northern Florida so I can move, but that’s a slow process.  I’m planning to go there to do some job hunting early this summer but nothing is set in stone.

So there’s the update.