Daily Archives: June 4, 2018


So, here I am in beautiful DeFuniak Springs, Florida for a week.  I’m hunting down job leads and the like so I can get moved and settled, hopefully before next school year starts.  I was driving around ‘downtown’ this morning, it’s amazing.  It seems like every building is a historical landmark…I went to a small printing shop and came out to see a genuine ‘general store’, the old kind, where you could go in and get candy cigarettes or an RC Cola and a Moon pie-yes, that’s a real thing-I thought about vising but decided against it. This is a pretty small town and things move MUCH slower here than I’m accustomed so I didn’t expect much more than this to be honest.  Low and behold, I kid you not folks, I got in the car and turned the corner and I saw six parking spots with devices standing near what would be the rear passenger side of a vehicle parked there.  I slowed down to take a look and they said “Tesla” on them.  This place has ELECTRIC vehicle charging spaces!  I am all for solar power, wind power, water power, electric cars and all that, I was in complete and total shock!  Planning to go around the block and see them again, I saw something else!  A genuine Victorian style home with the full wrap around porch and all that…….THERE WERE SOLAR PANELS ON THE ROOF!  By this time I was almost in tears of joy!  I called my Dad and told him and he said, “Yeah, those charging stations have been there for 15 years!  They’ve always been like that down there!”  Still y’all, I’m flabbergasted!  That is WONDERFUL!  Maybe when I move I can afford to get solar panels or get a house that already has them!  Ok, so it’s not that big a deal maybe, but for me, THAT’S AWESOME!

Just had to share.