Daily Archives: October 15, 2018

A roller coaster

Ok, so in late-July I quit my job in Texas and made the trek all the way back to my roots in Florida/Alabama.  I have family that was kind enough to put my son and I up until I found a job and a place to stay.  A huge thank you to them for that.  In late August, I started a new job (not voice acting) and within a week I was on the road to getting the house I want.  It even has a white picket fence!  🙂

Hurricane Michael hit in the midst of all this so I’ve missed some work but we were all very lucky to only have had to pick up a LOT of fallen branches.

Now it’s down to the wire, I close on the new house this week.  My job is a half hour commute into another state from where I am now and the new place will be a 20 minute commute (in the same state), so I’ll save a little time and gas with that.  Now I get to move my son into a new school, get utilities turned on, get internet and set up a new house in the couple of hours a night I’m going to have until I hit the weekend.

Once everything is set up, I can get the studio set back up and get back to my coaching sessions with Uncle Roy and get back on the road to quitting my regular job and moving to voice full time.

It’s been a pretty serious roller coaster since I moved but we’re making the best of it.  I am so far beyond ready to be back in my own place with my own stuff.  My son is as well.  I’ve done all the paperwork and now it’s just waiting for the closing.  Then I can move everything in this weekend!