Monthly Archives: November 2021

And the hits keep comin’…

Wow, time really gets away from me I guess. I’ve been so busy. Working, taking care things, changing jobs, taking care of things, then getting fired.

Yeah, getting fired. They wouldn’t get specific about what I did, which makes me think there was something shady going on.

So I am currently out of work, trying to live in a cold house without a heater, trying to figure out where to get money to pay the bills and buy the groceries. I have two kids in the house, one of which we know for sure had COVID, pretty sure the other did too but didn’t get him tested until after he was past it. I have been vaccinated so I was the only one in the house not to get sick. Lucky me.

Unfortunately, which job searching, no one is going to let me come to work, or even in for an interview, while I live in a house with two COVID sufferers. I have filed for unemployment but I am currently working on getting my past W-2s for proof of income so I can be approved or denied, but still filling out applications.

I have taken a chance and signed up with a work from home deal that seems to be legit. It is, so send me some good, legitimate vibes so maybe I can bring some money in.

Over the past year or so, with all this COVID crap, I got on tiktok, it’s been fun. Because of it, I have revived my paypal account and started a Cashapp as well, it has come in handy. But I never thought I would ‘need’ it for something like this. It sucks.

According to the local health department, John’s quarantine is over tomorrow, Friday. Connor’s test came back negative. So they will both be back in school on Monday and John will be back to work on Tuesday. He will be relieved, he hates being broke, just like me.

I have been able to get a lot of things done with this unwanted break. So I guess that’s a good thing. I have thrown out so much stuff. I still have a lot to go.

I guess I haven’t posted since I ‘acquired’ another child. Yeah, Connor, my 15 year old, came home and asked me one day if his friend from school could come spend the night one weekend. I agreed and when the weekend came, the boys played the Xbox and enjoyed their night. When it was time to take John home, we found out his mom was in jail. Apparently, she thought drugs and thugs were more important than her three children. The other two children were with their respective fathers at the time. John’s father was killed when he was 2, so he didn’t have one. I turned around and brought him back to the house and told him he was my son now. We set him up and got him some clothes and furniture. He’s been here since February. He went and got a folder of his mom’s paperwork from the empty house and let me go through it. I got what I needed and had John’s social security card updated, got him a state ID and we started working on getting him back on track. He never missed any school through this. He’s a pretty good kid. Despite his mom’s fuck ups, he seems to have a fairly good head on his shoulders. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got some hood in him, too, but I have been trying very hard to correct his ideas of right and wrong and getting him back on the right track to be a good citizen when he turns 18. He turned 17 not long after moving in here, so it won’t be long. I don’t expect him to move out the day he turns 18, but I don’t imagine he will want to live with what the person he calls his ‘step-mom’ forever.

It makes me happy when he does that. I am not his mom, I am not replacing her, I would never want to be her. But him telling folks that I’m his step-mom makes me happy, makes me proud.

So, enough of that.

I’ve made some really good decisions in this last year or so….and I have made some really stupid ones too. All I can say is….Josh. I will leave it there because I am not going into that very painful explanation that makes me look like a total idiot.

So, I am working on getting a job, getting two kids their sense of smell and taste back after COVID, trying to clean out my house so it’s not so cluttered, trying to get my own mental health straightened out, trying to lose weight, trying to keep bills low and trying to fight every bug in the south. So yeah, I guess you could say I’m working, just not for money. 🙂

Maybe I won’t wait so long to write on this blasted thing next time.

See y’all on the flip side.