The good, the bad and the ugly.

Hey folks!  Boy do I have some stuff to share today!  Not all of it is good though.  so hold on to your seats folks, here comes the roller coaster.

The GB groups I am in for VO are amazing.  Ninety eight percent of the folks there are actually there to help and to listen.  There’s always a few bad apples though.  The last few days I have been the target of some pretty ugly….bashing.  Not only me personally, but new Voice actors.  I have heard folks say some horrible things.  But there’s always a bully, right?  They can say all they want to me; as far as I’m concerned, their talk says more about them than it does about me.  I don’t try to defend my actions, I don’t even respond to them, I figure they’re just not worth my time.  I firmly believe they people that matter will see what they’re doing and it will degrade them instead of me.  So folks, bring it on, because you can’t hurt my feelings.  An NCO in the Army I used to work with used to say that you “have to have skin like woodpecker lips” to get through.  I love that saying and I believe it.

On to better stuff……I have been watching Mike Delgaudio on his “Booth Junkie” YouTube channel.  This guy is great!  He speaks language normal folks understand, he has great information.  He compares products, he answers questions and he doesn’t say UM every third word!  lol  Sorry, that’s one of my pet peeves.

Now on to even better stuff!  I can’t give all of it away, but I’ve got a plan, an idea, a thought….whatever you want to call it…for a semi portable vocal booth for less than 500 bucks!  This includes the treatment of the space!  I can tell you it isn’t a square, it isn’t a rectangle, it isn’t a diamond and it’s not one of those super cool units that are made to fit into a corner!  It’s fully customizable to what you need/want in your booth and it’s expandable!  You don’t have to be a carpenter to make it because there is no wood involved!  The way I see it in my head you only need a circular saw, a tape measure, a marker, a set of three door hinges, a door handle and maybe a long strip of rubber weather stripped type stuff…and of course the secret thing that makes it all.  I’ll post more on it after I’ve hit up a couple of folks to see if the theory is sound, no pun intended.  If mine works, I could possibly monetize it later on down the road.  If my sound gurus say it’s a viable theory, I’ll build one for myself taking careful notes on supplies, cost and taking lots of pictures…screw ups included, because hey, I’m not perfect.

As for my logo, my friend Jack sent it back to me and I’ve sent a couple of questions back to him on “what does your artistic eye say about…” type stuff.  Minor potential changes and then my logo will be good to go and I can get rid of these pictures of me that are posted all over my stuff!

And finally, down to the last bad thing.  Over the last two weeks, I’ve had some disturbing feedback on the demos I have posted on my website.  Again, it doesn’t hurt my feelings, especially considering what the comments were.  I have approached my producer/director about it and we’ll chat it out and see what we will do about it this coming week.  In short, most everyone that sent feedback agrees on the issues and it boils down to one thing.  I should NOT be using these demos to promote myself.  Ok, I can take a hint, even one I was hit in the head with. 🙂  That just means it’s time to adjust and take aim again.

If you’re not excited about it, you shouldn’t be doing it.  Now, as Mike says, “Go record something amazing.”


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